Location : Shimizuku,Shizuoka, Shizuoka
Use : Gatehouse / Waiting area
Completion : 2008/8
Structure : Aluminium
number of stories : 1story
Site area : 1,71,619.43m2
Building area : 72.44m2
Architectural area : 58.52m2
The highest height : 2,639mm
Structure: Nippon Light Metal
Sign : morld
Fabric : NUNO
Lighting : Komorebi Design
photo by Daici Ano


KAMBARA ALUMINUM GATEHOUSE is the building constructed with purely aluminum structure, jointly developed by the aluminum company and ZSA. It was completed in 2007 double as the showroom and the gatehouse of the company's factory. The scene which the builder bring the aluminum panel(30cm×7cm×3m) up lightly gives us a imagination about a new way of making buildings.




愛知建築士会コンクール「小さな建築」入賞 / 2009年度グッドデザイン賞受賞 / 第43回SDA賞 奨励賞受賞 / JCDデザンアワード ベスト100 / 新建築2009年3月号掲載