Location : Minatoku, Tokyo
Use : Restaurant

Completion : 2007/12
Architectural area : 280m2
Sign : morld
Lighting : Komorebi Design
photo by Daici Ano


“Shogetsu” is the Japanese restaurant in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo. The lattice door with gradually size-changing aperture is made by laser cutting machine. The size of each aperture is decided with relationship to sight of the guest. The smallest aperture is settled at the height of their eye-level when they sit on the chair, and around near of the floor or ceiling, the aperture size comes max to keep the view from separated spaces.
The black header of the panel is burnt made when it was gouged by laser cutting machine. To bring those burnt in design, we thought reflect the making process to the space.




商店建築別冊「建築家のインテリアデザイン」掲載 / iA2009年2月号掲載