Location : West japan
Use : Public Toilet
Completion : 2011/12
Structure : Timber
Number of stories : 1 story
Site area : 1,922.14m2
Building area : 6.92 m2
Architectural area : 6.92 m2
Structure : tmsd Takashi Manda structural design office
Equipment : Environmental engineering
Lighting : Sirius Lighting Office
photo by Toru Kitamura(1 - 2)


It is the public restroom in a temple of the Shikoku Pilgrimage in Japan. Because buildable area was left only among the trees, the way both keeping the trees intact and getting enough spaces for restroom was considered. In response to that agenda, we adopt the arrangement that separates it into 3 buildings. Each of them, as large as individual booth, is settled as if to fill the niche and therefore they stands demurely in the temple scene. As the construction method, the restroom is made by 6cm thick thinning-wood panel of local cypress. The panel is used as structure, exterior and also interior material and that simple detail makes new spaces without beams and columns.




2012年度グッドデザイン賞受賞 / 愛知建築士会コンクール「おいしい建築」入賞 / 新建築20112年3月号掲載