Location : Minatoku, Tokyo
Use : Office
Completion : 2007/5
Architectural area : 185m2
Lighting : Komorebi Design
photo by Daici Ano


It is the space for the advertising Creation office. The atypical round shape furniture loosely separates the space for two crating teams. The curvature of the ring adjusted according to the requested function from each space. The planning process was like making the "animal trail" in the grass fields.




新・東京建築案内掲載 / 2007年度グッドデザイン賞受賞 / CONFORT 2008年10月号掲載 / デザインオフィスNo.2掲載 / リアルデザインNo.24掲載 /meuble 2007年 秋号掲載 / TITLE 2007年12月号掲載